Roadmap to Successful Fashion Embroidery

With this online program you will learn how to confidently and joyfully create beautiful embroidery with beads and sequins in a fairytale style.


No more confusion about where to start or where to find the right materials. In this course you will be focused and inspired.


You will experience the satisfaction of mastering the knowledge and skills to create intricate and sparkling embroideries that will draw attention to your design.

Before I tell you all about this life-changing programme, let's talk about who this is really for ...


You are a dreamer, with no lack of ambition, who is tired of making ordinary things and is ready to take his or her creative designs and garments to the next level and make a lasting impact.


Whether you are


  • a seasoned fashion professional or a dedicated amateur who has reached the ceiling of his or her work and wants to discover the secrets of Parisian Broderie d'Art
  • you are working in the fashion industry and you would like to learn more about the couture craft
  • a designer who wants to learn about embroidery techniques and how to apply them to your designs so that you can attract high-level clients
  • an artist who wants to discover new artisanal techniques ...


You've come to the right place and I'm going to tell you exactly how Roadmap to Successful Fashion Embroidery will give you the tools, the inspiration and the support on the way to creating and presenting your first fashion embroidery project..





you'll have found all the high quality materials you need for haute couture embroidery



you'll have mastered all the basic techniques of Parisian couture beading and more



you will have the knowledge about the start and finish of real broderie d'art 


you'll have learned how to add shine to your work to attract more attention (red carpet looks!)

Perfect Gift

you'll have found a way to make accessories and hats more personal: the perfect gift!

Feel Inspired

you'll feel inspired to apply the details of broderie d'art in your own designs

Students about this course

''I didn't think I would be able to learn it through an online course, but it turned out to be so! It is explained so easily that it is as if Saskia is standing behind you saying: now you have to do this! And it actually works very well: you can rewind the videos and watch them as many times as you like.”


Everything I found inspiring and interesting to learn. A world opened up for me with this course: I learned to shape beautiful fabrics in a new way. You put together a special program that I don't find anywhere else. What I liked most was that I could immediately start working with the techniques you taught me. That I could really make something concrete.

Elvira LoomansElvira Loomans

I think it's a great addition to what I do with textiles.

A dream of mine is that once I can do the technique well, I would like to be able to maybe do this for someone as a job.I have actually been following you for a few years but due to my home situation it was not possible to come to Doesburg for training. Now that it is online , so also at my own pace and at a time that suits me, even at night, and also more affordable and without having to be away from home a whole week, this is ideal for me. That has been the deciding factor to take on the adventure now.



Module 1



Answers to your questions about quality materials, once and for all. With great addresses and tips.

  • Which materials
  • Where to buy
  • Why use a large embroidery frame

Module 2

Planning & Preparation


Every beginning is difficult. We take you by the hand and show you what to do. It's simple!

  • What is haute couture embroidery
  • Choose your first project
  • How to stretch the fabric in the frame
  • How to find the time

Module 3

Different types of Embroidery


Don't fall into the trap of making bad first choices. Start here!

  • Explanation embroidery types
  • Do's and don'ts of a first design
  • How to transfer a design to fabric
  • Basic chain stitch

Module 4

Tambour Embroidery


This is magic: so many different possibilities to use the tambourhook!

  • Metallic yarns
  • Point de Beauvais
  • Adding beads and sequins with the tambour needle
  • How to achieve success

Module 5



Beads and sequins stand out especially well against other materials. Here are some great combinations.

  • Silk yarn
  • Beads and Sequins
  • Adding Swarovski
  • Working with raffia
  • Working with chenille

Module 6

Finishing Embroidery


The perfect finish makes your embroidery strong. Tips and tricks for securing beads and sequins.

  • Open embroidery
  • Appliqués
  • Brooches
  • What's next?

Roadmap to Successful Fashion Embroidery
(value of €1097,-)



Work through the course at your own pace and/or join the four-day online training from May 5-8, 2023


Once you have signed up, we will get started and you will receive a login code within two days that will allow you to enter the course. The modules will be online and available immediately!


It is especially important to go through the first module because it will tell you exactly what materials you will need and where to order them.



Three amazing bonusses that will make you even more enthusiastic about the versatile applications of Parisian haute couture techniques:


3 live Q&A sessions give you inspiration and the opportunity to ask questions.

Good or good?


value of €197



In a special Facebook group, we help each other in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.


value of €197



Tips & tricks for extra beautiful pictures of your embroidery!



value of €97

Total Value: €1588,-


NOW ONLY One-time payment €697,- or three payments of €249,-

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no embroidery experience. Is this course suitable for me?If you really want to make your own embroideries, this is the perfect place to start this fascinating journey.

Should I invest in more courses after this?This is a comprehensive programme that gives you all the knowledge and skills to perform the basics of haute couture embroidery. After some practice, you may want to move into designing or learning additional techniques. Start by mastering the techniques taught in this course: it will take you miles.

Are you sure I can do this?If you have good vision (good eyes) and are willing to put in the time and energy, you will be successful! There is no special education needed to participate in this programme. If you still have doubts, please contact me at

And what if I have any questions along the way?We have a solution for that! In our special and lively Facebook group, you will experience support from your fellow course members and Saskia. We do it together!

When does the course start?Within two days of registering, you will gain access to all modules. Be sure to check out the first one as soon as possible, with information on how to purchase materials.

Do I have direct contact?Through the Facebook group and during the live Q&As, you can ask questions to Saskia and to each other. Here you can also share your progress and what inspires you.

How much will I spend on the materials?That is up to you. We think you will have more fun if you work with the best materials. This investment will be around €200 once for the frame, needle, twill tapes and a bobbin holder, plus around €75 for the fabric and beads etc. of your project.

How long will I have access to the online course?You have lifetime access to the course. You can download much of the information for later reference. In case we discontinue this course, you will get notified in advance.

This is for you

Whether it's a super demanding day at the studio

...or it's your daily work that completely consumes you:

You are aware that a concrete and practical program will get you to your goal the fastest

More importantly, you don't want to spend the rest of your life repeating the mantra "I don't have time" when you see another haute couture show come by and think: I want to be able to make something like that!


That's why you're super motivated to invest in a flashy start in broderie d'art that can dramatically change the rest of your life and career

Roadmap to Successful Fashion Embroidery

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    Roadmap to Successful Fashion Embroidery

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