Saskia ter Welle in haar atelier in Doesburg

Imagine that Saskia ter Welle is available with undivided attention 1-on-1 to help you shape a future with your talents where you have plenty of room to create while your work is sincerely appreciated.

That she shares her best ideas with you about how you can earn more with your expertise and experience? So that you can live off your passion for craft?

And that the dread about your future disappears and you have clarity about your steps that will help you become the expert you already are?

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The option to have a conversation with us is available to you if you are

Professionally active in the fashion industry or if you are a professional in another industry and want to specialize in couture craftsmanship in addition to what you already do

Are already doing well, but feel that more is possible for you and you are curious about what exactly

Experience that your current work is not sufficiently seen and appreciated

Have discovered that the joy of creating has faded into the background and you are looking for new inspiration

You are coachable

Every year, many creative professionals from different fields (fashion, arts, crafts) apply for coaching by Saskia ter Welle, for which there is limited space.

In a Zoom Call you and Saskia examine whether there is a mutual click, both in terms of content and personally, for coaching.

Because we want to get an idea of who you are and what your situation is like, we ask you, as part of the application for your call, to answer a number of important questions.

After submitting your answers, we will let you know shortly when the Zoom Call will take place. Should we believe that your situation is not yet appropriate, we will of course let you know that as well.

This is what (fashion) professionals say after learning about couture craftsmanship:

Complimenting my own work

Ik ben begonnen met broderie d'art omdat ik erg nieuwsgierig was naar alle technieken achter deze mooie en voor mij fascinerende kunstvorm, zodat ik ze uiteindelijk in mijn eigen werk kan gebruiken.


Ergens gedurende het proces van deze cursus heb ik de bewuste keuze gemaakt om te stoppen met mezelf constant te vergelijken met anderen en me te richten op hoe ik mijn eigen draai aan mijn werk kan geven en er een stukje van mezelf in kan laten zien.


Mandy van den Berg over de opleiding Broderie d'Art

Marjolein van der Heide, Broderie d'Art

Discovering what inspires me

I am happy. I just completed a super fun course and am proud of the results. We discovered what inspires us, how to design and then how to elaborate the design even more. And it's only the beginning!


The most important thing for me has been to develop my creativity and discover what I really like and what suits me.


Marjolein van der Heide about the training Broderie d'Art


I myself once did a sewing course, where you convert designs into patterns assuming all standard sizes, but do not fit anything to a body. Now that I teach sewing classes myself, I noticed that the fitting always gave me uncertainty. This I hoped to solve with this course.


However, this course has brought me so much more.


Besides working on a mannequin, this course has been very inspiring for me. To discover that by molding you can design and try so much has given me a kind of freedom.


Everything seems possible!


Petra Hoepman about the online course Moulage


More confident

I have learned to have a much better sense of what fabric does in relation to the lines and points of the body. It makes me more confident. It's a wonderful feeling.


Designing something through moulage is a much more direct and therefore more vivid method than pattern drawing. Literally and figuratively it gives an extra dimension.


What appeals to me most in moulage is the process of creating a model. Growing pieces of fabric into a garment is indeed magical.


Willy Mulderij about the course Moulage