What is Moulage?

Moulage is a technique widely used in the creation of couture garments.

In moulage, the garment is draped and shaped directly onto a mannequin or the body of a model.

This technique offers a number of advantages over traditional pattern-making techniques:


A major strength of moulage is that it allows the designer to adapt the garment very precisely to the shape of the wearer's body. This is possible because the designer can immediately see how the fabric forms around the body and where any adjustments are needed. This allows the garment to be more precisely fitted than when the pattern is drawn on paper (what you see is what you get).

Creative Design

In addition, moulage also offers many creative possibilities. As the designer can drape and shape the fabric directly on the body, new designs and silhouettes can be more easily created, using the natural drape of the fabric. As a result, very unique and striking couture garments can be created.

Discover the Power of Moulage

Are you the fashionista who longs for 

  • better fitting clothes
  • unique designs
  • creative solutions
  • authentic interpretations of fashion
  • expanding skills
  • innovative insight into patterncutting
  And are you ready to take the next step?   Then this online course Blueprint to Unique Designs is for you!              

Student about this course:


The course was very inspiring and educational. And most importantly for me, I got the feeling that I can just try the designs I have in my head on a mannequin. And kind of modeling with fabric. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn to design with more freedom. Moulage for me is a kind of freedom. No more thinking in impossibilities, but just exploring and trying out the possibilities along the way. Very inspiring!

Petra HoepmanPetra HoepmanFashion Professional

"You can adjust your pattern visually until you are satisfied, whereas on paper you always have to wait and see how it looks in real life."

Sylvia BertrandSylvia BertrandHome Sewist

It is truly edifying to think in a different way.

Lisa LouwersLisa LouwersCostume Designer

What to expect:



What do you absolutely need and what is fun to use? I tell you the ins and outs of the handy tools you may or may not need!


Using clear videos, you will follow me from A to Z , so that you can then realize your own design (tops and skirts, dresses, sleeves, collars and jackets).Using clear videos, you will follow me from A to Z , so that you can then realize your own design (tops and skirts, dresses, sleeves, collars and jackets).  

Live Q&A

Apply for the special newsletter of this course and get invited for LIVE Q&A (most appreciated part of all online courses by Dutch Couture Academy!)  

Go through the course at your own pace -> combination of video, text and images <-

Using examples that I show you step-by-step in several videos, you will discover:


What principles underlie pattern making on a mannequin How to prepare the fabric for moulage Which mannequin is suitable Which materials you need (and which you don't!) How to mould a corset How to mold tops and skirts (and thus also dresses!) How to make sleeves and collars

Furthermore, you will not be left to your own devices, but there is room to ask questions and share your process with other students in the private Facebook group and during Live Q&As.



Frequently asked questions


Wondering how the sevice works?

I have no knowledge of pattern drawing. Is this course suitable for me?If you are new to realizing your own patterns, we think this program is the best way to start!

Approximately how much will I spend on the materials?That's up to you. With an old sheet and a mannequin, scissors and pins, you can get started. Note: You will receive a special discount voucher as a participant in the course to purchase a fabulous half-scale mannequin.

How long will I have access to the online course?In principle, you have unlimited access to the course. Should the course be discontinued, you will be notified in advance.

I can already draw patterns. Why would I want to learn to learn moulage/draping?For two reasons: 1) moulage makes it easy to make personal adjustments in existing patterns for a better fit and 2) using moulage creates a link in your mind to design! This way you can very easily come up with genius solutions to any "problem" yourself and your clothes will reflect much more what your vision of fashion is.

Do you need a mannequin to participate in this course?A mannequin does come in very handy! In principle, you can also mold on a person, but that is more difficult when you still want to learn it. The mannequin for the technique can be either very simple (thrift store or outlet) or half-scale (sometimes much cheaper).

Moulage opens the Way to COUTURE

Whether you have a lot of experience with sewing and pattern drawing, or little yet: the art of moulage changes your perspective of what is possible forever!

It lets you experience that what your hands try with fabric can actually lead to a new design.

Will you take the plunge and take the adventure?

(No pattern drawing experience necessary!)

Hope to see you on the other side!


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