Are you the fashionista who longs for 

  • better fitting clothes
  • unique designs
  • creative solutions
  • authentic interpretations of fashion
  • expanding skills
  • innovative insight into patterncutting


And are you ready to take the next step?


Then this online course Blueprint to Unique Designs is for you!








This is what to expect:


What do you need to have in order to drape? What is necessary and what is nice to have?


Clear video's show you exactly how to prepare and do the draping of a corset. With explanation! So you can start creating your own design as we go!


Live Q&A

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Student about this course:

I followed the short course in draping (moulage), we used fabric pieces to drape a corset. I've made skirts and dresses using moulage in the past but never a structured piece such as a corset. The videos were really clear and the technique was explained very well. I'm going to use this technique on everything in the future as I enjoyed it so much! Thank you Saskia!

Emma BratiEmma Brati

Blauwdruk voor Unieke Ontwerpen

Informative and Practical

Using the example (video), I show you

  • The principles of pattern making on a mannequin
  • How to prepare the fabric for moulage
  • Which mannequin is suitable 
  • Which materials you need (and which you don't!)
  • How to drape a corset

There is room to ask questions and share your process with other students in the private Facebook group.

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Zijdelint borduurcursus online

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have experience or knowledge about pattern drawing. Is this course suitable for me?If you are new in the field of realising your own patterns, we think this course is the best way to start! Als je nieuw bent op het gebied van het realiseren van je eigen patronen, denken wij dat dit programma de beste manier is om te beginnen!

When does the course start?Within two days after subscribing, you will get access to the online learning environment. There you will find two modules: one about preparing your fabric and what materials to use, the second about the draping of a corset itself.

How much do I need to spend on materials?That's completely up to you! With only an old bedsheet, scissors and pins you may start. As you subscribe to this course, you will get a special discount code to buy a half-scale mannequin.

How long will I have access to the course material?Life long. In case the course will be discontinued, we will notify you in advance.

Blueprint to Unique Designs