Magical Silk Ribbon

Position yourself in your craft with this special technique.

This online course offers you information without unnecessary fuss, but with:


  • technical tips
  • sneaky tricks
  • the secrets of haute couture
  • and lots of practical examples


Step-by-step, I show you the characteristics of the material and how to achieve the most beautiful result with it.

Before I tell you all about this surprisingly versatile technique, let's talk about who this is really for ...

Do you recognize yourself


  • in the hesitation of knowing where to start when you want to specialise?
  • in wondering whether a technique is exactly what you are looking for?
  • in wanting to discover new things, but not seeing where to start?


I totally understand you! Ten years ago, I struggled with bringing in new clients for my custom-made studio. I desperately wanted my designs to stand out from standard tailoring. But does it make sense to specialise at all? In turn, how do you find clients for that?


Still, it grew on me and I knew: it has to work! Though I would at least try. 
The first time I got started with silk ribbon embroidery, I found it exciting. Most of the examples looked downright fussy. Would this technique help me move forward? But while the results manifested themselves spectacularly, even more possibilities emerged over time! The technique of silk ribbon embroidery turned out to have enormous potential. The technique remains 'in stock' in my virtual 'toolbox' and comes in handy for me again and again.


If you keep filling your toolbox with knowledge and skills, they will naturally begin to interact and work together resulting in your own unique work!


In this short course, I want to introduce you to the basic techniques of silk ribbon embroidery. Step-by-step, I will show you the properties of the material and how to achieve the most beautiful results with it. I like to show you how I not only apply this technique in a traditional way, but also how the technique helps me create unique additions within haute couture.


So that you will develop your own handwriting.
Your own style. Your own techniques. Your own pleasure in making beautiful things. I help you in the course by giving you design ideas, technical tips and I tell you my secrets about colour and application.


So that you start feeling confident with needle and thread, letting the world share in the beauty you express with it.

The course is made for anyone who occasionally thinks: silk ribbon embroidery? I would love to do that too!


Here's what you can expect:

Silk Ribbon Basics

In a number of easy-to-understand modules, I cover everything you have to deal with when embroidering with silk ribbon: from joining and unravelling to making different stitches


Insights and ways to apply and combine techniques. Not how it should be done: but as a booster to give you new ideas.


Personal Style

I encourage you to develop a personal embroidery style. How can you stand out, remain authentic and still be interesting?


Student about this course: COMPLETE SURPRISE!

''As a fashion student at HKU (Art Academy Utrecht), I have been completely surprised by this course on the technique of Silk Ribbon Embroidery. It broadened my view enormously by discovering that you can go in many directions with this material and manipulate it in a way you like. It does not stop at the simple technique: I have been challenged to explore new ways with it"



Using examples in text, photos and video material, complemented by a PDF patterns and a comprehensive materials list, I guide you step-by-step through the process of preparing, setting up the pattern and making samples to executing a complete design.



  • Preparation and choice of materials plus patterns
  • The making of samples with specific techniques
  • Variations and combinations on the basic techniques
  • Transferring patterns and step-by-step guides
  • Tips on finishing your embroidery and your final result with a link to the pattern for making a make-up bag or a wreath

This technique is best achieved by working on an embroidery frame. You can also use a round embroidery hoop if necessary.


NOW only €77,-

Zijdelint borduurcursus online

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no embroidery experience. Is this course suitable for me?If you are new to embroidery, we think this programme is a great way to kick off.
If you really want to make your own embroideries, this is the perfect place to embark on this fascinating journey.

When does the course start?Within two days of registering, you will get access to all modules. Especially check out the first one as soon as possible, with information on how to purchase materials. You work through the course at your own time and pace.

About how much will I spend on the materials?That's up to you. The investment will be around €30 for the ribbon, an embroidery hoop and needle and thread.

How long do I have access to the online course?In principle, you have unlimited access to the course. Should the course be discontinued, you will be notified in advance.

Magical Silk Ribbon