Internationale Studieweek, The Haute Couture Craftsmanship Concept

The Secret of Success with Couture Craftsmanship

🌟 Live from and for your passion for craft by applying this strategy 🌟 Online Masterclass by Saskia ter Welle, fashion designer and coach, founder of Dutch Couture Academy

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Too bad for everyone who just makes wonderful things ...


Learning more craft techniques alone is NOT going to get you anywhere.


Keeping away from everything computer and internet related is NOT going to give you NEW CUSTOMERS.


Success with couture craft has NOTHING to do with how hard you work or how much you know and can do (even though you've been told this all your life ...).


Take a look around you at other makers: Are they a shining example for you or do you see exactly what you don't want?

Like working long hours on assignments your are not keen on?


Your current situation with limitations in income and satisfaction is not because you are not working hard enough, but because you are overlooking

ONE important choice.


A choice that caused a reversal in my business and totally changed things.


Your competitors are probably not aware of this smart strategy.


Unless they were smart enough to already check out the masterclass "The Secret to Success with Couture Craftsmanship" ... 😉


This masterclass via Zoom will help you get a crystal clear focus to make a fantastic breakthrough in the coming months and that will give you tremendous creative freedom.


Feeling excited at the idea of what this could change for you?



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