Flowers for Fashion

The most complete online program for making couture (silk) flowers for corsages, hats, embroidery and more, where you get step-by-step instructions:  
  • what materials and tools do you use?
  • which fabric is suitable?
  • where to start?
  • how do you successfully apply the flowers?
  With this program, you have all the information and support you need to achieve great results on your own.   You work at your own pace and have the option to finish the program with a certificate, or just view the lessons and take out what you need at this moment.   Lifetime access.  

For Whom?


Artisanal fashion makers

Discover techniques that allow you to take a new path with your own creations: away from the standard ideas, on to your own handwriting and embellishment that make your designs authentic and quirky.   Possible uses:  
  • embellishments evening gowns
  • adornment clutches with a suit or pantsuit
  • addition to capes and boleros
  • elements as an addition to lace or embroidery

Hat- and Bag makers

Simple hats undergo a complete transformation when flowers are added to them. With your self-designed flowers, your hats take on a more individual character as they are made to perfectly fit the person wearing it.   Possibilities:
  • hat with a single flower
  • hat covered with flowers
  • hair accessories
  • fascinators

Bridal Designers

In bridal fashion, there are countless uses for flowers:  
  • dress
  • veil
  • accesories for the hair
  • on a hat or fascinator
  • bag/ clutch
  • hairband
  • bridesmaid dress
  • flower basket

What to Expect  5 Modules with 5 Techniques



What materials work well? Where can I buy them?


Tools: necessary or convenient?


Explanations for each technique for beginners

Out of the Box

Additional assignments to think out of the box

Next Level

Additional assignments for those who want to challenge themselves

Online support

Exclusive Facebook group and live Q&As to support

Student about this course


“The online course "Flowers for Fashion" is fantastic!  What I discovered during the course is the wide variety of possible applications and materials that can be incorporated - from silk to linen, feathers, plastic and leather. For me, it was also an immersion into a new aesthetic.  The possible applications range from imaginative brooches and innovative fabric design to the production of haute couture bags and chic clothing. What an adventure! Through the course I discovered my creative potential and the joy of creating my own designs. Thank you so much Saskia! I would recommend this course to anyone who likes to get creative. New skills enrich the means of expression. Especially for anyone who loves fashion, the course gives insight into how designers and haute couturiers work.  The online course is challenging, but thanks to the skillful structure of the course, you can decide how far you delve into a subject.”

  • Complete Program with 5 different techniques for making flowers
  • Private Facebook group for students
  • Live Q&A sessions
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